This site consists of multiple galleries of various HPAs and related photographs.

The photos have generally been reduced in size to fit on the computer screen while keeping as much detail as possible so some scrolling may be necessary. It is recommended that a broadband connection is used

If you have any information on any picture in the gallery, you are more than welcome to e-mail me otherwise captions will be as informative as possible.

Pictures, unless stated otherwise are courtesy of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Human Powered Aircraft Group (RAeS HPAG)

If you would like the original picture which may be a TIFF or JPEG e-mailed to you then e-mail me with the request. If you have any information about the pictures you would like to add or change then please e-mail me also. NOTE Some of the pictures are copyrighted and will need the copyright owner’s permission to be reproduced, especially if it for money.

NOTE: Yes, some of the pictures are supposed to be in black and white. It was a long time ago and it was cheaper to  take photographs in black and white then.

NOTE: More information can be found about many of the aircraft here.

Section added for videos. These are links to YouTube.

Section added about Betterfly being built by David Barford

Section added about Abhilasha, the first HPA to fly in the Netherlands

Steam Boat Willy gallery added

Pictures from the 2013 Icarus cup added